About ChatPluginStore

Hey, I am Thom

I love creativity, so I launched something new again:-) 
So ChatPluginStore, I welcome you to our online group with other international projects.
Hey there! Welcome to the AI and ChatGPT enthusiastic club. I love the technology behind ChatGPT, and finally, browsing features and plugins are available. So I created the ChatPluginStore directory site where I will regularly (mainly daily) update the plugin list and share it with you on this website. Hope you like it!

My Other Projects

I want to assist people in navigating the increasingly digital world and resolving their technology-related issues, as not everyone is comfortable with ChatGPT or AI. 
Howtosimo = How To/s In My Opinion
I am huge fan of Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, and Web3.0. I believe in this technology and I know it is the future of the internet and money. 
Blockchainimo = Blockchain In My Opinion
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